In Sanity, AZ Pages

Yesterday, James Ninness did something awesome over on his Tumblr page: he posted the inked first pages of the stories from the “in Sanity, AZ” horror anthology, created by James, myself, Marcel Losada and Mike Fountain.

Head over to James’s tumblr page here:

Soon we’ll be able to unleash upon you the pages fully colored by Ben Glibert, but you can be patient, can’t you?

Artists featured include: Frank Luna, Scott Irwin, Lance Sawyer, Chris Burkheart, Mike Temple, Courtney Camacho, Daniel Touchet, Chris Collins, Donald Poquiz, Collin Fogel, Jed Soriano, Kevin Gemser, Jorge Sevilla, Rich Kuhaupt, and Brian Soriano. (I tried to include some links to all of their pages, hope they work!)

I’m excited to share with you “in Sanity, AZ” and hope you enjoy the dark ride…Issue 1 will be available very, very soon.

From the story ‘Murder”

From the story “inning five”

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