What is the Quadshot?

What is Quadshot?

Quad Shot

The Quadshot Podcast is an enjoyable audio podcast experience featuring good conversation and chatter between four writers / friends / collaborators / opinionated dudes (Mike Fountain, Marcel Losada, James Ninness, and myself).

We started in the Summer of 2012 as we revved up our collaborative process and the creative juices were flowing. Each of us comes from a bit of a different background, and all of us like to lead a conversation about specific topics. Those topics are below, and hopefully inspire you to contribute some discussions or questions as you come upon recent news or even retro topics you want to hear explored by four guys who think they know better, but who probably don’t.

FRAMED — I discusses news and business that’s movie or TV-related, from news, genre, and budgets, to obscure background noise of familiar shows and movies, we like to address the current entertainment climate and drop our voices into the cauldron of filmmaking.

GRAMMARGEDDON Marcel talks about grammar, and how proper grammar is suddenly dropped in the larger context of popular culture. Lately we’ve been toying with some verbal games and challenges, which has been insightful and actually kind of neat. The English language is an endless world inhabited by numerous tricks and quips, so get your ears globbed on by Marcel’s explosion of knowledge.

UNDER THE COVERS — James will talk comic books, comics in pop culture, comic-related news and bits, and we’ll generally fall into either/or discussions about the effects of certain bits of news on comic culture — from Marvel movies to twitter disagreements to conventions in general. This is a great arena for anyone interested in broadening their knowledge scope of comic book culture.

HIGH FANTASY — Mike spreads the word on obscure, unfamiliar, or hidden gems in the fantasy / science fiction worlds of books and literature culture. Anything from lists of great books to reviews, to news of upcoming fantastic gems over the horizon, Mike will know about it and make sure we all know as well as you just how important and plentiful fantasy can be.

We then hit the MAILBAG, to which anyone can submit to via Facebook, Twitter, email, etc., and we welcome any and all questions related to our various topics in some way, shape or form (for instance, we’ve been asked what mutant powers we’d bestow on each other as well as our favorite heroes we’d like to see in a JLA movie). No subject is too taboo for the mailbag.

So that’s the rundown of the QUADSHOT podcast, again you can find it here, and if you have topics, questions, or overall opinions, drop a review on iTunes and, as always, you can email anyone of us or find us on Twitter:

@akatzenshai (Mike Fountain)

@marcellosada (Marcel Losada)

@jamesninness (James Ninness)

@joepezzula (Joe Pezzula)

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