Oscar Nominations are in!

My Dad and I do this little game every year, a sort of “side pot” before the Oscar nominations are announced. We gather our Intel and try to guess what the nominations will be for the ‘major’ categories. This year, I guessed more correct than he did, so there’s a small victory for me. Continue reading


Leonard helped Velox  to her feet, and she held him tightly. That was just what Leonard had been hoping for since he watched her fall fifteen minutes ago, a sign of life, a signal of trust. The Law of Gravity, ignored by many at the time, was in full effect. Yet there were still those determined to push back against the restrictions of nature.

But as Leonard brought Velox around the corner and out of sight from the Sky Soldiers, he knew that all of his efforts, all of his work, would not go unpunished. He carried her into his small boarding room at the bottom of what he called his Land Castle. Continue reading


The typewriter ran out of ink, but Lenny didn’t notice. He just wanted to tell his story, wanted her to know he’d be waiting for her return.

When he finished typing, he didn’t read over the letter, but simply sealed it up with wax and a seal, like they did ages ago, and put it in an envelope and mailed it off to her. He knew she still lived in their hometown, and hoped she’d smile after reading.

She opened the letter, and read aloud, “Dear Sara, I want you to know…” and the rest of the page was blank.