Making Friends from Joe Pezzula on Vimeo

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Written and Directed by Joe Pezzula
Based on a short story by Anthony Pezzula
Produced by Kyley Tucker
Cinematography by David Gibb
Starring Aimee DeShayes, Christine DiTillio, Rob Norton

Joe wrote and directed this short film based on a short story written by his father. The tale involves a happy couple about to embark on a new life together, and their strange neighbor who invites them in for one last drink.

About his story, Anthony says:

Making Friends was the first short story I wrote after deciding to give writing a try. But it was about twenty years before working on revisions from the first draft. I’ve always liked the Twilight Zone and wanted to write a story in that style. I was also inspired by Rosemary’s Baby and those creepy neighbors.

I had the basic premise in mind, and pretty much the ending, but needed to fill in the backstory. For that I drew from my now wife’s experience of moving from a single parent family in a small town to get her own place in a nearby city. As the story evolved it became about loneliness and the extent one goes to deal with that, as well as the irony of striving for independence and becoming trapped by other means.