WTWL 2…When Are the Witches Coming Back?

If you’re wondering when you’ll get to read the second issue of Where the Witches Lurk, you’ll have only a few days more. Release date is set for Tuesday, March 19 2013. That’s next week!

Below is a preview of the cover and first couple of pages. How can you purchase? Well, you can always hit my store here, and there you can also find issue 1 both print and digital. Right now, Issue 2 is digital only, but I’ll be sending out some special offers over the next few weeks — combo packs, giveaways, and much, much more. Stay tuned to this blog, and facebook, and twitter, and as always you can find everything about me you’ll ever need at my about.me page.

Yes, me me me. But it’s not all about me, because WTWL is a group effort, with art by Donny Gandakusuma and colors by Chris Man, so visit their pages and other works as often as you can.

WTWL 2 Cover WTWL 2 Inside Cover WTWL 2 Page 1 WTWL 2 Page 2 WTWL 2 Page 3 WTWL 2 Page 4

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