Wrapping the Oscars…

Today I wrapped one of the biggest shows in the world: The Oscars. Well, for me, more specifically, it was The Oscars Red Carpet Live show that airs on ABC directly before the main event, AKA the Preshow. I served as one of a couple of production coordinators, mainly handling office logistics.

This year was tough, like most years, and the live aspect only makes it more of a challenge.  Months go into planning this show, from guests to hosts to camera moves, shots, the design of the carpet, etc. There are hundreds of people involved, several office trailers, about a dozen camera teams, and thousands of emails detailing every last piece of the show, the script, the segments, and the team behind it all, the production management team.

On this show, my collaborators are nothing short of genius. Jaclyn, Erick, Bryan, all the PA’s, and the production manager, Derek. On top of the pyramid is the one and only Kimmie, standing on all of our shoulders. But we don’t mind, because she weighs about as much as a feather. Truly. She makes any job look easy because, at the end of the day, the job is actually pretty simple. As one of our collaborators likes to say, “We’re not curing cancer here”.

Anyhow, I realize it’s been a while since I’ve posted, so I just wanted to take an opportunity in this space to say THANK YOU to the producers, the team, the network, and the Academy without whom none of this would be aired, celebrated or constructed, and Hollywood Blvd. would otherwise be full of cars and sadness rather than electric exhilaration and celebration, if only for a short while.


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