Empty Signals

radio tower1

On the hill to the west there is a radio tower. The tower climbs over 2000 feet, scraping the sky with its pointed antenna. I don’t know what it broadcasts. Nobody does. There’s probably not any radio waves left to send, so it just sits there, pretending to have a purpose.

But the world’s gone quiet. The roads are empty, while the sky is freckled with stars at night, devoid of planes or satellites. Uncommon when we were kids, but completely expected now, is the vision of the haze of galactic batches of gas and dust and distant suns through the naked eye. Continue reading

Rain Cleans — Until it Soaks

When it rains in LA, on those strange days too few and far between, there’s a crispness that pervades the air, as though someone savvy has finally found the HD switch on a television. Green is greener, the sky is more blue, and the mountains make an appearance. Such is the status this past week, and, due to the rain this weekend, it will be the same next week.

Rain is cleansing, purifying, a shower for the atmosphere around us.

But it rains so rarely in LA, we’re more and more likely to forget what to do. There’s people who neglect the road rules in fear of not getting where they need to be on time; pedestrians who stand too close to the street find themselves soaking on the way to morning coffee; and umbrellas become scarce.

Or, if you’re like me, you forget to roll up the window one evening despite warnings of rain. I’m talking window FULL DOWN.

See, when I parallel park, I sometimes have to maneuver for a few minutes to fit between two inappropriately parked cars. Such is life in Hollywood. Thus, I’ll occasionally feel the need to exit the car and look at my distance from the curb, the position of my tires, and so forth, hoping to find that I’m parked OK for the evening. When I do this, when I exit my car while it’s still running, I’ll make sure the window is rolled down out of an odd, unshakeable paranoia that I might lock myself out of my car.

I did this a few nights ago, and when I turned my car off and collected my bags, apparently forgot to roll the window back up. The next morning I was more shocked that no one had stolen anything from my car than by the fact that my seat was soaking wet. I had to drive to work sitting on my waterproof coat, and soak up what I could with paper towels.

It was a bit chilly to sit on wet pants all day, but, as with anything in life, lesson learned, no true harm done, and I think I might finally shake that habit of getting out of my car to check the curb whilst parallel parking.

Cheers, drive safe out there!