Leonard helped Velox  to her feet, and she held him tightly. That was just what Leonard had been hoping for since he watched her fall fifteen minutes ago, a sign of life, a signal of trust. The Law of Gravity, ignored by many at the time, was in full effect. Yet there were still those determined to push back against the restrictions of nature.

But as Leonard brought Velox around the corner and out of sight from the Sky Soldiers, he knew that all of his efforts, all of his work, would not go unpunished. He carried her into his small boarding room at the bottom of what he called his Land Castle. Continue reading



The heater spurred to life, clicking and clacking as though a dozen tiny creatures with long toenails tried to kick their way out of the vent. Foster held himself under the covers. The nightmare was still vivid.

He’d dreamed that he and a girl — her face already fading away — were racing to the bottom of a cave. Foster suddenly froze, and when his body fell and shattered was when he woke up.

His bedroom window was broken. A dead owl lay at the foot of his bed. Foster avoided ice cream before bed from then on.


We gave it everything. I even killed one of the Gennies, but you probably won’t believe me. That’s why I’m putting this down now, in case you don’t want to believe. Or maybe I’m just trying to remind myself.

No one can take the truth away from us. But they’ll try, oh yes, they always do. First, like a disease that’s taken over, they pretend it never happened. They downplay the fact that the Gennies ever came to earth. Headlines across all newspapers, and chyrons scanning at the bottom of nightly news programs, will tell about massive devastation from natural disasters, and occasional bombings that stress international peace laws. Continue reading


The stairs. Take the stairs. You fool, if you don’t take the stairs, you’re going to be stuck up there.

And there it is.

How many times did I tell you to take the stairs? And yet, here you are, still on the sixth floor, staring at the broken elevator doors before you. Go ahead and stick your arms through the doors. Come on, try to open them. Can’t do it. Continue reading