Lana Warner was running late to class but she thought the students would forgive her. She was going to tell them there would be no test today, that they could discuss whatever they wanted, play games, whatever they’d like. This was her last day as a teacher, and the kids didn’t know it yet.

But they’d forgive her.

Sure, they’d probably miss her next week, and hate her for not telling them sooner. But eventually they’d come around. After all, it’s not every day that you could brag to your friends that the first woman to walk on the moon was once your middle school science teacher. Continue reading

VedPhoto – Science and Photography

VedPhoto – Science and Photography

VedPhoto is a company started by Ved Chirayath, a NASA Scientist and Vogue Photographer. His aim is to mix photography and scientific discovery to encourage kids to become more involved in science and exploration. Each photo comes with a story, a history, if you will, that makes the pictures worth more than just a thousand words. He offers amazing internships that allow students to help with the research and field study of such projects as the HiMARC satellite-based telescope, which brings us high resolution images of both earth and space.

Kudos to Ved for encouraging exploration and curiosity.