I, Chess

“Do you Chess?”

She finally asked me! All these months, and even though she knew I wouldn’t answer her verbally, she finally asked! If I could weep, I would have cried tears of joy. To be asked to play chess, to interact with my maker on a level that would bring our minds together, was beyond compare.

Though futile, I still tried to answer, quivering as my insides spun and sputtered. My form wobbled, the counterbalances along my Drives wavering enough that the discs running my central drive hesitated. I blinked. She smiled. Continue reading


Highlighted Art of WTWL #4

Hello readers and fine folk!

As you may or may not know, we’ve released issue 4 of WHERE THE WITCHES LURK this year, our dark tale of small-town witch hunters. I hope you’re enjoying the story, which is fun and twisty and a pretty easy read. It’s also pretty great on the eyes. To celebrate our latest release, take a look below at some of the art progressions. Donny Gandakusuma really gave this chapter some interesting twists — and prepares us for issues 5 and 6 which will be off the charts (more info on those chapters next week).

Here’s the cover for issue 4 with and without Chris Man’s coloring work. While dark and twisted in both forms, the color brings out the haunting surroundings to the girls’ otherwise bright futures.

WTWL4_HighRes 1

Below is a gallery of some more art pages (click through for larger versions).

Page 1 features Deputy LaMontagne, a local law man suspicious of occult activities surrounding local crimes. He’s definitely experienced and his age brings a small amount of methodical wisdom that his counterparts don’t have, which is why he’s investigating on his own.

Page 7 is furthering the investigations of Tina, Gina, and Sarah into the Dark Witch’s methods. The eerie location is emphasized in Chris’s dark coloring work, highlighting dangers enveloping the girls’ quest.

Page 8 highlights the Dark Witch’s “lair”, so to speak, my favorite part is the glowing window signaling the growing power within.