I, Chess

“Do you Chess?”

She finally asked me! All these months, and even though she knew I wouldn’t answer her verbally, she finally asked! If I could weep, I would have cried tears of joy. To be asked to play chess, to interact with my maker on a level that would bring our minds together, was beyond compare.

Though futile, I still tried to answer, quivering as my insides spun and sputtered. My form wobbled, the counterbalances along my Drives wavering enough that the discs running my central drive hesitated. I blinked. She smiled. Continue reading



Allan carefully set the chess pieces on the board, and watched, with a smile, as David walked the full coffee mugs over to their table. “You spill, you buy for a week.” David mouthed an obscenity, and Allan laughed. 42 years of friendship buys you certain permissions, leeway with the kinds of jokes you can tell.

The rest of the cafe was quiet, practically empty save for the two women behind the counter, and an older lady in the corner — older, even than Allan and David. “What’s her story, you think?” Allan asked, accepting his mug from David.

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