PezzFest 2018: Night Eight

PezzFest 2018 Double Double Film Series

Okay, you can pick yourself up off the floor from all that laughing after last night’s pairing. Seriously. No, serious, come on. Okay, you with me? Good. I’m your friend here. you can trust me. No, really, you can.

Night Eight is here, and I hope you’re ready to get to know, to really know, who your friends are.

Cheers to good movie watching — silence your cell phones, zip your lips, and let the good times roll.

NIGHT EIGHT: The Devils Among Us

How well do you know the ones you love? What happens when your fantasy of escapism suddenly becomes real? The challenge of understanding the world and the people around you is that the more you know, the more complex people become. We’re conflicted, complicated, mysterious beings, us people, and when you suddenly find more of the truth about someone you thought you knew, the betrayal is magnified.

A relative you thought you were close to, because you share a name, or a nostalgic view of events when you both were younger, comes home again. And he’s not as honest, not as chatty, and holding something out of reach from you, like he’s someone different. So curiosity drives you to know more, and the more you know, the more there is to run from.

Or maybe there’s someone new, a step-father, who lives far from what you’ve known and has a way about him, a dark mystery, one that doesn’t drive you to curiosity but instead pushes you far from it. The only way to learn about him, and yourself, is to dig deeper into a fantasy world, to escape and hope to get away for good. But the more you push away, the closer you spiral back to home.

hynes_shadow of a doubt1

Poster by Alan Hynes

Shadow of a Doubt

Big city suspense comes to the suburbs in one of Alfred Hitchcock’s best stories. Charlie is a teenage girl dreaming of an adventurous life out of her suburban utopian home. Her uncle Charlie comes to visit, a surprise after having been away for many years. He seems cold and distant, but he’s still the same Uncle Charlie that’s been in his niece’s heart since she was little. Or is he?

Creating immediate connection to characters and then suddenly rotating the frame so we see more of the same picture, Hitchcock does not hold back here. Uncle Charlie is introduced cold, distant, alone, on the run but we aren’t quite sure what from. But there’s an exhaustion that accompanies his paranoia that is familiar. When will life stop catching up with me? Young Charlie is introduced in the exact same position, apart from her family, warm but distant, life’s exhaustion only just starting but already taking its toll. Their similarities are there, but the differences have only yet to be discovered – and we’re just along for the suspenseful, gut-wrenching ride.

pans labyrinth

Pan’s Labyrinth

Guillermo del Toro’s masterpiece of childhood, adaptation, and war. Each shot is a vision, blending reality and fantasy without a line to divide them. Ofelia is a young girl who relocates with her mother to the home of her new step-father, Vidal, a sadistic army officer without empathy or generosity. Ofelia navigates this new relationship by escaping into the adventures set forth by Pan, entering a realistic fantasy world in order to save her mother and herself from the evils of the world. In order to complete her escape, Ofelia recognizes evil when she sees it, and faces it straight on.

What do you do when the devil is in front of you and not wearing a mask?

You fight back.

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