The Mids

here it is.

the middle of the week. the middle of the month.

you’ve made it.

but so what, big deal, there’s another half to conquer.

that’s the trouble with the middle, the center.

there are only two ways to go, or a million ways to go, but you start right in the middle and have to pick one.

or do you?

what’s wrong with the middle of things?

if you’re halfway through a story you’re reading, you’ve read some good stuff, and you’ve kept turning the page to get there.

also, you know you’ve only got half the story to finish.

it’s all downhill from here.

the only things that will be happening are things that are wrapping up.

like a joke.

the first half of a joke is a setup.

then you have a punchline.

either way, you’re moving along with anticipation or full satisfaction, and either way, you’re getting somewhere.

so live in the middle for a while, in the center of things.

from atop this hill, this center point, this apex, you can see everything.

you can look north, south, east and west.

downhill or uphill.

downhill means you can see what’s come before, and what’s still to come.

uphill means you’re leaving the past behind you, and facing an unexpected future.

find your way through that.

from the middle.

you’ve made it this far.


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