Farrelly watched in awe as Christie finished the presentation. It didn’t take much to impress him, but the way Christie moved, talked, and sounded, he was completely taken aback. His protegé had never shown this kind of talent before, at least, not in the face of a client presentation before.

As the clients left the conference room, Farrelly gave and accepted a high-five from Christie. She hadn’t even broken a sweat. “How do you do it?”

“Do what?”

“Present yourself like that!”

Before she could answer, she disappeared.

Farrelly couldn’t believe his eyes. One minute, she was there, the next, she was gone.

He turned and ran out of the conference room, popping his head into every office, searching for her. Before long, he’d reached the end of the hall, even checking the bathroom, and still nothing.

“Farrelly!” Christie, back at the conference room doorway. “Why did you just take off like that? We were having a good conversation!”

Farrelly took his time walking back, his eyes locked on her. “That’s not funny, whatever you did there.”

“I didn’t do anything! Oh, wait, you mean the disappearing thing? I mean, that’s what it looked like to you, isn’t it?”

“Tell me.”

And she did.

“A few weeks ago I met this, I don’t want to say psychic, but you wouldn’t understand the term so we’ll stick with that. No, Farrelly, don’t interrupt me, or be insulted, this just is.

“Anyway, her name was, well, I can’t remember her name. It doesn’t matter.I told her about my anxiety and my issue coming to a conclusion for this presentation, given that the task is pretty impossible. I mean, travel from Miami to New York in an hour? Please. Science is great, but not THAT great, you know?

“In any case, she told me I could be in two places at once, or seemingly so, just like that!And when she said ‘that’, she snapped her fingers and disappeared. I didn’t see her until a week later, and she explained that time and place, they’re literally nothing.

“Just constructs.

“Human inventions to explain our place in the universe, and how things function and act based on perception. Kind of like religion. There when you want to explain something, but otherwise pretty useless unless you believe. Or like Tinkerbell, and clapping — okay, I can see you’re getting bored.

“Look, all you have to do is embrace that time and space are not real, and understand what IS in fact real.”

Farrelly took a deep breath, eyes half closed from boredom. “And what is, ‘in fact’, real, Christie?”

“You are.”

“Right, so, how does any of this effect your presentation? We’re not exactly developing teleportation or whatever this is.”

“Oh Farrelly, so naive. It’s not teleportation if you’re never really here.”

She snapped her fingers and disappeared.

Farrelly looked around, again taken aback, yet intrigued.

He made sure he was alone, and snapped his fingers — and opened his eyes to a full conference room awaiting his presentation.

He was ready, even though he wasn’t really there.


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