TEN, 2.0

Halfway between blocks there was a house with no life. No lights, no cars, no doors, shuttered windows, no bugs, no bees, no wasps, no ants, and no roof. Inside was just as empty and bitter, and lonely, and still.

But then the Caspersons moved in, and life took on a new meaning.

They built a new room, extending the house, and put in a new roof and windows, and a door that was always open and welcoming. They brought their dog, and two cats, who were always playing in the yard.

I thought they’d bring a kid, and be a family, but learned that they’d lost their daughter years ago in an accident, and that’s okay because the neighborhood kids started to call them “mom and dad” and I think they liked it, old as they were.

Sometimes, you can create a new life in a house of emptiness, a shell waiting to be overtaken and replenished. I don’t think I’d be the man I am today without the Caspersons’ influence. You can come to the Casperson Estates Ribbon-Cutting Ceremony this Friday at 11:00AM, hope to see you there!



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