SIX, 2.0

Lansing walked to the door to answer the knocking but of course no one was there when he swung it open. He shut the door quick, throwing the bolt and backing to his desk.

The letter he’d written to Alice lay open and without a final admission of his own guilt, the way he’d betrayed her and allowed this disastrous end to their studies together. He thought back to the last time she’d run off, her disgust at his prayers to the after-world and the monsters that would soon be unleashed, the horrors that were still to come to their town.

The last of his hopes were dashed as he turned to finish the letter, but the loud KNOCK-KNOCK-KNOCKING caused him to jump, to knock over both candle and ink, leaving him in utter darkness.

The door suddenly smashed open, and the swirling snow was the last of earth Lansing would ever see.

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