aunt pam wrote me and i couldn’t make much sense of her letter, but then i saw the news and it all made sense. well, i didn’t so much see the news as saw a picture of aunt pam in the paper and read the article in front of the class.
aunt pam was with Trident, and they were both running from this bright light that was in the middle of the park by the pond. the paper said that right before the light flashed there was a man, a tall man who was bald and looked ill, and that he was yelling at Trident. then the flash happened and aunt pam started running.

but the first picture in the paper wasn’t the most interesting part. the more interesting part of the article was the second half, on page 10, where there was a smaller photo, a second photo, of aunt pam in the air, climbing up a tree that only had branches 40 feet off the ground. Trident wasn’t in the photo, except for his feet.

i always had a feeling aunt pam was special, and in her letters she liked to describe things like jumping really high, flying, and running really fast. like in the footage we watch of that other planet around the alpha star, the one they say we’ll never really see, but they know it’s there. my mom is trying to —

sorry, i dropped my pen after i heard the growl. well, i could feel it under my feet, like it was right below me. the people downstairs are usually quiet, i usually hear a lot of crying and that’s about it, but this morning, wow, the growl.

but anyway, the alpha star. that’s what i was talking about. it’s this big light that seems to flicker in the middle of the night here. some people use it for directions while sailing or running across country, but some people say that the alpha star is trying to communicate with this. why can’t it be both? what if the alpha star is just telling us where to go by flickering in the sky? makes sense, right?

when i ask my mom about it, she kind of ignores me and walks away, pretending not to hear. it’s hard to read about the alpha star, no one really writes about it. but my aunt pam, she adores it, and she talks a lot about it, like she wants to go there one day. maybe she can fly me there with her?

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