The Random Videos Guy


The other day, I was sitting in a cafe and watched as an older man, had to be at least 50, taped up a sign that was rather lengthy. He applied a large amount of packing tape to the sign so one could read it and the wind wouldn’t blow the sign away. As he did this, a cigarette dangled from his lips. The process took so long I wanted to walk over to him and tap out the ash that hung at the edge of his cigarette. It was annoying.

His hands shook as he taped up the sign, and when he was finished, he picked up his bottle of water from the ground and shuffled off with more signs under his arm. I could barely perceive his hand shaking as he finally removed the cigarette from his mouth.

I read the sign through the window, and in summation his car was broken into, someone had stolen a computer. He was asking for the person to return the computer or at least the video footage that was on it. “NO questions asked, reward for return of computer.” That was all he was asking for.

I saw this man again yesterday morning, in the same cafe, wearing the same white t-shirt and jeans. He was inside only briefly, purchased a coffee and sat for a few minutes. His sign is no longer outside, I wonder if someone returned the computer, but also, I’m very curious to know what the video footage is. Obviously it’s very personal to him, very important. Could be a movie he made, a personal pet project, that he’s spent a lot of money on and is trying to finish.

Could be something incriminating he’s worried the police will find.

A larger part of me roots for the man, and thinks the footage is of some personal family gathering, perhaps the final footage of a recently lost family member that the man had yet to export onto a CD or other means, and he just needs it back. For all of the cynical things the footage could be including, I prefer to think of something positive or more meaningful.

It’s getting tougher to think of things in the world positively, but we have to try, I suppose.

Cheers, have a great day, make some memories with your phones, cameras, computers, etc., but also some personal moments that are just for you and your mind that you won’t need a device to use to reflect on them. If you were to lose all of your material items tomorrow, what would you think back on first, and most fondly?

One comment on “The Random Videos Guy

  1. jasaniaithy says:

    I ask that same question of those whose homes go up in flames. I think photos and heirlooms are the most irreplaceable material objects. I’d also miss the wads and wads of cash I dash in my mattress! Lol jk I wish!

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