New Inker for Where the Witches Lurk

It is a thrill to announce the newest addition to the Where the Witches Lurk creative team: Jesse Hansen. Jesse will be providing glorious inks over Donny Gandakusuma’s pencils for issues 5 and 6 of our tale, adding an exciting, detailed level of craftsmanship to the conclusion of our story. Here’s a sample page from pencils to colors from issue 5:

WTWL #5 Page 1, Pencils by Donny Gandakusuma


WTWL 5 Page 1, Inks by Jesse Hansen


WTWL 5 Page 1, colors by Chris Man.


Since graduating from National Education Centers with an Associated Science Degree in Commercial Art, Jesse Hansen has been published in over 30 comics, magazines, and periodicals including Cracked Magazine. In 2000, Jesse started Cadre Corner Studios to help other young talented artists get their start and make their mark on the art world. Cadre Corner is now known as  Cornerstone Studios.

The journey of Where the Witches Lurk began in late 2012 as a collaboration written by Joe Pezzula, with art and coloring by Donny Gandakusuma and Chris Man, respectively. You can purchase the digital copies of Issues 1 – 4 at, and issue 1 recently became available at Issues 2 -4 will also be available at Comixology in the coming weeks.

Issues 5 and 6 will be released in late March and April, and the entire series (#1 – 6) will be collected into a trade paperback Summer 2014.


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