WTWL 4 cover preview!!

Oh hi there, WTWL fans and readers all ages, shapes and sizes. It’s been a while since ISSUE 3 was released — I was still living in NYC and working an incredibly fun job at the time. Not to say my job now isn’t fun, but…I digress.

Well, issue 4 is nearly finished being lettered, issue 5 is nearly finished being inked, and issue 6 is being birthed in the mind of artist Donny Gandakusuma as we speak. The work he is turning in is stellar, he’s improved every single issue of the book.

We have some new talent joining us for books 5 and 6….but you’ll have to wait for that news for another month or so. For the time being, take a look below at the cover art for WHERE THE WITCHES LURK issue 5, inks by Donny Gandakusuma and colors by the wonderful Chris Man. The cover does a great job of showing you the Darkness descending on our lead characters, Tina and Gina, as well as a brief glimpse of a mysterious new character — friend, or foe??

You’ll have the final three chapters of WTWL thrust on you in the first three months of 2014, and keep your eyes peeled way back for news of the collected trade by Summer 2014.




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