Once a night I awaken in sweat as dusk’s last light refracts sharply through the window glass. Dust fills the air
Alive on the breeze from my breath; unfrozen particles escape my shivering lips. My eardrums booming with
The repeating noise I most fear. Encompassing the walls and the floors, the steady beating of a nail most sharp
Ticking away night after night, hour on hour, scratching and tapping the hardwood floor while the
Clock strikes two AM. Wildly beguiled I sit and I stare and then I despair as I watch the souls
Of two lost people drowning in faded light. I allow a soft whine to trickle out under the moon as night brings
Terror. The terror The terror the Terror. Alone and in darkness. No light but my eyes, and I shudder under the
Will of the sparks of life wallowing in the air around me. But my haunting mistakes and the shapes of life
Never will fade until the lights come on again and my own face is reflected in my irises and everything will

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