Blood Giver

I gave blood today.

Didn’t feel light-headed or lost, only a little more peppy than usual as sugar and coffee reached all my systems immediately rather than slugging through the dregs in my veins.

I also nabbed a couple of chills walking back to my office, and when warm blood filled my veins again I felt whole. It’s like my own blood was a blanket of comfort in a cold moment.

I feel great about giving blood. It’s been a while but this year I’ve given twice already and hope to do so again before Christmas.

Have you given blood lately? It’s really not an “enjoyable” experience, but once it’s over you do feel good and there’s a part of you out there now, contributing to someone who needs it. You should try it.

A friend of mine also gave blood today, at the same time as me, and we laughed through it and even though it was his first time he acted purely natural, like it was a routine moment of his day.

I got nothing else for this post, except to say DONATE blood, platelets, bone marrow, or anything else you can donate without collapsing. We’re all humans. Save a life today.

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