Hey, I may have met you, and this is crazy, but read this book we wrote, and call it a good day.


You probably all know this, but I am part of a book out called “in Sanity, AZ”. It’s a comic book in three volumes, an anthology of darker tales of a small desert highway town, the kind of town you have nightmares about anddesperately avoid when driving to your destination.

The three volumes are to be collected in an trade paperback later this year, and for this collection of stories myself and creator collaborators James Ninness, Mike Fountain, and Marcel Losada raised over $10K on Kickstarter to complete. We paid artists, hired and paid more designers and artists, and are paying to get our swag out there to supporters across the globe — the GLOBE.

So why am I blabbing here and now? Why am I mentioning this book AGAIN??

Well, this was a labor of love for a few years now, and I like to relive the past. Who doesn’t, right?

We wrote the book over a weekend in a cabin in the woods. Rum was consumed.

We found artists to take on our stories and bring them to life on the page.

We found other artists to draw our covers, showing off the kind of world within the pages.

We found still more artists to design, letter, and color the pages inside, to further shine our tales of darkness on a small town.

We projected these pages to the world to read, and are getting positive feedback and vibes from all across the map.

We are fulfilled. And we want to share that feeling with you.

I am thirty. A lot of changes are happening fast.

This past year has been one of the most trying of my life, but who doesn’t say that when they’re thirty? I have bounced around geographically, emotionally, and professionally.

Yet the one constant all year has been Sanity. I go there sometimes at night, re-living the time in the cabin, and I sometimes wish I could just drive through and pass it all by, to look and point at people who have their own settlement, their own constant ways.

And then I move onward, embrace change and the unknown future possibilities. That’s what Sanity is, a constant in a world of change. Our minds like to stay there, but I like to think what this past year has taught me is that it’s better to try to push away from that constant, to be inconsistent and embrace the moment, even if, in the end, you end up settle back down in your constant.

In Sanity, AZ, life is full of constant moments. Make some for yourself. Preferably by downloading our PDF and allowing your eyes to feast.



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