Sidewalk Raindrops – A Dip Into Poetry

Sidewalk Raindrops

You brushed right by me two days before now.

The sidewalk was littered with raindrops and

our footsteps opposed the same direction.

But then you called my name —  I thought you did.

What you said was something else. I still turned

and saw you smiling and you saw me, sad,

not crying, not frowning. Your smile began

to fade, and in nanoseconds, slivers

of time between the clock’s hands rotating,

flowing from one second into the next,

I blinked, face flushed, cheeks rise, my teeth breathing

air as lips


Muscles, tendons all contracted and pulled

a smile, rising high. And then you returned

to satisfaction, a happiness when

you realized the

world was happy

for that one



You stretched forth your hands. My feet carried me

‘tween sidewalk raindrops in your direction,

alight, alive with

affectionate fire.

’twas doused by the realization that you

reached for another man running into

your arms. Your face buried on his shoulder,

the soft breeze tossed your hair against his cheek

and your eyes remained closed. I walked on with

quiet footsteps. Open your eyes, I’m gone

but your smile remains.


2 comments on “Sidewalk Raindrops – A Dip Into Poetry

  1. Jessica says:

    Woah… that’s intense! That’s like a whole movie in a poem. Well done!

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