Chris Hadfield and space exploration

How does one feel when one discovers a moon?” I wondered, jealously.

“I’ve done it before and there’s still a rush,” Showalter replied.

–The above quotes come from an excerpt of an article in  The Vancouver Sun, which described the discovery of a new, small moon around the planet Neptune waiting to be named, as well a brief encounter with astronaut Chris Hadfield.

Hadfield is best known for his educational videos as well as the first music video shot in space covering David Bowie’s Space Oddity:

What’s great about Hadfield, and why I wanted to share the article, is not only his unending curiosity and interest in the further exploration of space, but also his humanity, love for other people, and genuine attitude towards life on earth. Talking about his experience of being less cynical on return, Hadfield had this to say:

“It’s difficult to get selected as an astronaut and fly in space if you don’t have strong convictions,” he said. “In space, those convictions get heightened. You find yourself laughing and crying much more.”

“You start to think,” Hadfield said, “about all those people you know in, say, Saskatoon, and how they’re not that different from the people in a city in Africa that you’ve never been to – trying their best, raising their kids – and how your particular set of loves relates to everything else.”

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