Disconnecting from the Internet – Would you?

Disconnecting from the Internet – Would you?

This is a quick article from Shelley Emling, a writer and editor of Huff/Post50, part of the Huffington Post. She recently took a trip to Nairobi, Kenya, and was unable to make a call or use the internet for 11 days. She noticed that, in that time, she was able to listen better and connect with people face-to-face, she became more relaxed and even carries these traits now that she’s at home. She’s not feeling rushed to check email or sit at the computer after work. She’s refreshed and realized that the constant “connection” to the world wasn’t necessary.

Do you think you need to be constantly connected? I read articles like this and want to start a practice of taking a few nights a week, or a day each weekend, and pull away from internet and phone calls. Sometimes I need to be accessible, and I usually write at the computer, but with a better schedule, and a realization of what’s necessary vs. what’s preferred, I might be able to pull away once in a while and gain some new perspective.



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