Production is Great

I work in TV production. I call it a Day Job, as most of the work I do had to do with prep and figuring logistics, but then there are those weeks when it all comes together–when the cameras are rolling, coffee is brewing, and countdown to “action” takes place.

Tv is magical, I have no problem stating that. It’s a spark of life under a tense, focused spotlight, and in front of a crowd there is a rush of LIVE theater. The majority of shows I work on as a coordinator are awards shows. I work with producers, executives, creative writers, managers, venue managers, and all echelons of vendors. When show week hits, so flows the adrenaline, like a coursing river of water down a mountainside.

Our show is a crop, a flower among many, the production staff the fertilizer, and the audience, the inevitable, gracious audience, you are the gardeners, plucking your favorite flowers while others continuously blossom and bloom. This garden will not go away in our lifetimes, so allow it to flourish while respecting both the crop and the soil.

Respect production workers. And hey, let’s find a way to rekindle production in the birthplace of American cinema–Hollywood, California.

That is all!


One comment on “Production is Great

  1. Pete says:

    TV is magical yes except for the script, storyboards and a bizzillion production people. But yes it is magical to bring forth something that never existed before. I had a temp job with my son’s production company when he shot in Alaska in 95… and have been sitting in my remote cabin with Apples Final Cut ever since piecing together new and interesting projects.
    Once the magic of TV touches you it does not let go
    Best of luck

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