Word of the day is “perspective”.

Always look at conflicts, problems, and solutions your own way, from your own POV. Never lose your way. I think we can all agree on that.

However, you should do your best to remember that the other person, the antagonist, or your opposite, also has his or her own perspective. Allowing yourself to know that opens the door to more…perspective.

When we’re in a conflict, either ongoing or in a present moment, it is difficult but important to make an attempt to view the situation from the “other”‘s perspective. This applies to friendships, relationships, and marriage, but also on a global scale — between countries and leaders.

For a good movie about literally shifting perspective, watch “District 9.”

And when writing stories or creating plots with a clear villain, make sure your bad guy or gal has his or her own perspective: he or she should be the hero of their own story.

Just like we are all heroes in our everyday arguments.

Step back. Breathe. Sleep on it, if you can, then come up with a solution tomorrow.

Some things are better off if you wait another day.


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