in Sanity, AZ – A new book on the horizon

I have the privilege of being part of a new creative experience, a book that will need your help soon. You can read much more of the backstory to the book via James Ninness, who talks about it here.

You can find the announcement teaser trailer here.

A few of the book’s details, from James’s blog today:

…2013 is the year our book, in Sanity, AZ comes to fruition – with a bit of help from you. Featuring four writers, sixteen interior artists, a top-tier cover artist and a dreamy colorist/designer, we are finally ready to get this thing done.

in Sanity, AZ will be Kickstarted – not the first issue, not the first two issues, not even just the digital issues – the whole thing. When we raise the money for this project we will have everything we need to release three digital comic book issues (the smallest of which clocks in at fifty-two pages) and a trade paperback. Single issues will be sold for $1.99 – yup, that’s it – and release in July, August and November of this year. The trade paperback will, hopefully, be out in time for Christmas, 2013.

The book focuses on a small town in the middle of the desert. You know the town. The same town you drive by every time you cross the country or hustle through the desert. The kind of town that causes you to stare from the comfort of your car and think to yourself: “who in the hell would live out here?” This particular town is a bit further down the highway, a highway not often travelled. It is as lost in time as a grain of sand in the desert. And to the natives of this town, that’s not a problem. They have adapted. They have their own way of doing things.

A long time ago, deep in the deserts of Arizona, a mayor by the name of Cambridge decided to build an asylum for the undesirables. A place the people of color could receive the mental help they needed away from the eyes of civilized society. It was a dream that turned into a nightmare. Things went wrong, as they are wont to do, and the inmates revolted. Over time the inmates settled the desert, carving out land and making it their own. Utilizing a sign from the asylum, the citizens settled on the name “Sanity”.

So there you have it. We’ve come a long way over a long period of time, but there’s still a good distance to travel. Please be patient, please be kind and helpful, and please, please, be sure to read our books as they come forth. We write for us, but we create for you.

That being said, I’ll try to regale you with the creation of this book from day one, with various notes and memories from that Cabin in the Woods in which we wrote one weekend, just a few short years ago.

Flash cut to:

Steaming coffee

Too much pie

A bottle of rum

A shotgun

A mounted deer-head

More rum

And a spider dangling above the head of James Ninness

I’ll tell you all about it tomorrow…




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