Back with a Re-Release of WTWL

I certainly take my time writing on this little site of mine, something I want to tackle more seriously in the new year to hopefully entertain, enlighten, and please both you as reader and me as writer.

A few creative endeavors are lining up for me, so I thought I’d share a bit about one now, then expand on another next week. Stay tuned for updates on all of these projects, which will all actually benefit from your time, attention, and word-of-mouth.

First up is the RE-RELEASE of “Where the Witches Lurk” issue 1.


You may remember seeing this and perhaps (I hope) reading the book way back in October of 2012. For a week it was available thru Keyleaf Comics, a now -defunct publisher based out of San Diego. Then the company went under and the project fell back to me.

Well, we’re all back now — myself, Donny, Chris, Ben, and Matt — the creative forces behind the small-town story of Witch Hunters and the darkness that follows them.

I’m excited that Donny continues his output of amazing artwork, and that Chris is still as dedicated as ever, and Ben plants his letter bubbles with meticulous ease, and Matt guides the ship with just a few slight waves of his editorial hand. This is a strong team, a collaborative team, and I’m confident you’ll enjoy the book through all six issues which we aim to release all within 2013.

We’re starting the re-release at the tail end of January 2013, at the Amazing Arizona Comic Con, my first time at this convention. I’m lucky enough to be a fellow co-writer, collaborator, and friends with James Ninness, who was the first to get the booth at AACC. He graciously allowed me a seat at his table, along with Mike Fountain, and we’re really going to push each other out there in Arizona. If you stop by when they shove me in your face, just duck out of the way. I don’t look it, but I’ll land hard.

I’m currently acquiring a handful of printed copies of issue one, and simultaneously releasing it online next weekend, so be sure to check back at this site about a week from today, and you’ll suddenly see a link to an online store at which you can BUY the book — PDF or hard copy — for a scant $0.99.

It’s my first foray into self-publishing, so be gentle and generous. Your support, both as a fan and as a customer, is what feeds the engine to allow me, James, Mike, Marcel, and writers and creators like us, to continue to put out entertaining stories and tell you tales you won’t soon forget.

More to come about other upcoming projects soon, stay tuned…Joe


One comment on “Back with a Re-Release of WTWL

  1. Jessica says:

    Woo woo!! How very exciting for you, Joe!!

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