So by now you may have heard that Keyleaf Comics has dissolved.

This is tragic, yes, but by no means crushing. My first book with Keyleaf, as a creator and writer, was Where the Witches Lurk — which I blogged about last week until it’s release on October 17. I’m proud of the book, and all of the hard work put into it, but it still sucks that only one issue of the book is out there. (speaking of which, if you didn’t get the chance to download it, let me know in the comments section. I can send you the PDF for issue 1).

Some people have asked what my plans are for the book, where we’ll be taking it now. Well, the truth is we’re still figuring out some of the logistics — holding onto the talent involved, and finding the right home and fit for the project. I’d love to see it out in the world for the entirety of the first arc, at least (six issues) and will be seeking a publisher in the coming weeks, provided I can hold onto the one element that really brought the book to life: Donny Gandakusuma.

Donny is extremely talented, and as bummed about Keyleaf’s status as I am. But he’s also passionate about WTWL, which is good for me, good for the script, and good for the project. My first task is getting him on board for the long haul, and then I’ll piece together the other elements and find a place to publish. I want the story to be told, and available to the marketplace and readers alike, even if it’s just a few of you.

Hoping to treat you to the next piece of the story soon, in the mean time, beware the witches that lurk around every corner.

**Note: As we know via Star Trek, anything that dissolves will inevitably find a way to come back together, even if one particle at a time…

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One comment on “Dissolved…

  1. Conor Johnson says:

    Joe, I’d love to read it. Send me the PDF.

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