A Note About Keyleaf…WTWL pt 3

Welcome back to the third of six small pieces leading up to the release of Issue 1 of Where the Witches Lurk via Keyleaf Comics.

This is where we’re going to take a brief rest from WTWL heavy material, and focus, just a moment, on the publisher.

Keyleaf Comics is a small, independent publisher of creator-owned books, based out of San Diego. Formerly called SemantINK, CEO Ben Glibert picked up all of the properties and turned up the juice on a new company in the early Summer of 2012, without the hindrance of an owner/investor, to focus more on the quality of a variety of respected, already great books.

I’ve been fortunate enough to work with Ben and other writers on a number of projects, notably the workplace webcomic The Undergrounds and Sim-I (both created by Keyleaf’s most plentiful writer, James Ninness). Ben allows a great freedom to the creators, writers, and artists, and that’s why I didn’t hesitate to bring him WTWL.

Keyleaf is a company that wants to publish quality comics of a variety of genres OUTSIDE of the super hero realm. With the creation of the new brand this past summer, Ben brought in a powerhouse team of editors through which he could delegate a detailed look at each book, since the number of titles being published is growing with each year.

Among these editors is myself (for The Heaven’s, you should check that out) and Matt Dunford, editor of WTWL. Matt brings a plethora of knowledge about comics to the team, but I’ll talk more about our process in a later post.

Another of Keyleaf’s great new additions is that of Shannon Forrey as designer. She’s brought a breath of fresh air to the cover and interior designs of each book, and each title now carries a hefty weight of professionalism and an amazing visual appearance. This is further exemplified by the company’s webpage and Tumblr page, which features previews of each book as well as artist pieces.

Being that he is one of the quickest and most plentiful writers on Keyleaf’s creator block, James Ninness has also been a helpful asset to the company, championing not only his own book but promoting and hyping other books, writers, artists, etc., and standing as sort of a beacon of knowledge and guidance about process, from writing to piecing it all together. He’s a loud man with a large megaphone on the internet. Once you meet him, you’ll know see what I mean.

Keyleaf is unique in that they currently sell individual issues at $0.99 for a PDF download — PDF’s a rarity on the digital market — and then, once a story arc is collected, it’s released as a TPB and sold on the website as well as conventions across the country. Also on the website is more information about the various CREATORS, as well as a submissions page so you could join their ranks!


My awesome photo from the creator page.

I look forward to whatever Keyleaf has to offer in the coming years, and hope you’ll check out their other properties (including FREE #0 issues for most books) over at their website.

Tomorrow I’m going to rest, but Monday I’ll be back talking about the artistic process as well as coloring and editing, and then Tuesday we’ll dive into Shannon’s amazing marketing for the book. Check out one of the digital marketing pieces below.

Promo Piece #2

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