Dorm Room Memories: “That would suck.”

Because I recently picked up Starcraft (the ORIGINAL) again, I started in on some other Dorm Room Memories. This is a conversation John and I shared during our first year.

“Check it out, Joe. So, the ossicles are a group of three tiny bones in your ear that transmit sound energy from the tympanic membrane in your outer ear to the vestibular canal in your inner ear.  They are the tiniest, most fragile bones in your whole body.  Now, if one of them were to break, you would be in serious trouble.

“You can’t put a cast on your head to fix that sort of injury, see what I’m saying?  There could be a tiny shard of bone floating around in your head until it wormed itself to your brain and you die.

“And that would just, suck.”

“Yeah, John, it probably would suck.”

John leaves the room. Scott looks at Joe. “What was that all about?”

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